Letter to Homebuyers

Dear Prospective Homebuyer,

Welcome to the Oak Hill Properties website. I am truly privileged to have managed this special homebuilding company for over 20 years, adding to my total experience spanning over 30 years in the homebuilding industry. I can’t tell you how many times during this period that I am asked exactly what do I bring to the homebuilding business that makes it any different than my large building company competitors. My answer is the same now as it has been since I built my very first home: I am responsible for every home that is built, from permit to occupancy.

My job every day is to actively participate in the decisions that are required to be successful in the delivery of a new home. I walk into every home numerous times during the construction process. My competitors have no face, no personality, and no one who stays on a building site long enough to be recognized. I believe the customer deserves to have my type of consistency, because if they decide that an Oak Hill Properties home is going to be their dream home – they deserve the best house we can build. And I am the person to see that done. We even have some families that have purchased three homes from us over the years.

So I invite you to come out and see the fine homes and neighborhoods that I am creating. Come and visit the place where your future home awaits.


Oak Hill CEO - Kevin B. Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Chief Operating Officer, Oak Hill Properties LLC

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