Interested in New Home Construction? You Don’t have to Wait until Spring.


For many, the dream of home ownership is made even more exciting by the prospect of new home construction. A concern we often get from prospective buyers is, “I’m interested, but isn’t it the wrong time of year to build a home?” The good news is that construction on a new home can actually begin any time of the year. In fact, construction at both Royal Oaks of New Market, Maryland and The Villages at Round Hill, Virginia are still going strong – even despite this not so optimal weather. Let us point out to you some benefits of purchasing a home in January.

First of all, the buying process takes some time. It starts with choosing the home that’s right for you, then choosing the lot that’s right for you, followed by contract signing, and obtaining permits. Taking this into account, we could realistically look towards the beginning of March to break ground on your new home. If you ask us, that’s right on time. Beyond that, winter isn’t the most popular time of year to start building, which puts more attention on your house’s completion. When the boom of Spring hits, your house will be a priority since it’s already under construction, giving it the potential to be finished sooner.

When building during the winter, our site managers perform rigorous planning ahead of time in order to ensure that work remains on schedule. Things such as inclement weather are taken into account so that construction can continue to proceed throughout the season. In doing so, builders will also make sure that the components of your new home are not overly exposed to the elements during any phase of the process.

When it comes to protecting your structure, builders tend to use a variety of techniques. For example, insulation may be used when curing concrete in cold weather to help it set correctly, and more quickly. Things such as straw and ground heaters might also be used to ensure that the foundation settles properly. Work crews sometimes make use of portable heaters to protect building materials from damage while they are being installed.

There are some definite advantages to consider home building year round. An excellent place to choose for your new home construction are the communities in Maryland and Virginia, built by Oak Hill Properties. Contact us today to find out more information or if you have more specific questions regarding home construction in the Winter months.

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