New Homes in Maryland: Adjusting Children to the Move


You’ve considered buying one of the new homes in Maryland – and you’ve decided on Oak Hill Properties as your home builder. Making a substantial move with children can be exciting and trying, all at the same time. Perhaps it’s a new job opportunity – with that comes a fresh start, a higher income, better benefits – but how do you explain that to a child? A child that has best friends that he/she can’t seem to make sense of by parting with. Explaining to a child why a move is a “good thing for the family,” is harder than it seems. At Oak Hill Properties, we see this more than we’d like to admit.

Look at it from their point of view. They may be leaving the only home they’ve ever known. The friends, neighbors, and environment that they’ve grown to love will suddenly disappear. They’re being forced into a new space, which is unfamiliar to them. All they have to go on is your word that it’s going to be “better.”

To avoid all this carrying on, you must involve your kids in the home-buying process as soon as you start. Encourage them to reveal their true feelings about moving. Acknowledge that leaving what you have can be sad, but point out that you’ll still be with them, they’ll make new friends, and they’ll even end up with their own room if they didn’t have one already. Ultimately, they’ll receive a lot of advantages and in time, they’ll never know the difference.

We also recommend involving them in any decisions that affect their spaces. Ask their opinions about this or that model of home, or which bedroom they’d prefer. Allow older ones the freedom to pick the paint colors and window coverings for their room. Then take them on field trips to the new neighborhood. Visit parks and local attractions. If your kids are anxious about making friends, enroll them ahead of time in area teams or activities, that way, by the time they move in, they’ll have a whole set of playmates to anticipate spending time with.

Moving to a new home can be just as exciting to your children as it is to you, but only if you prepare them before hand. For more information about how to do that visit, and for help in selecting a place to live, please contact us.

Good luck to you and your family.

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