New Market Maryland and Your New Year’s Resolutions


Were any of these New Year’s resolutions on your list?  These common resolutions become a lot easier if you consider a move to New Market, Maryland… a move that could just help you reach your goals.

  • Getting fit and losing weight – In the town of New Market, everything is conveniently close, making it so easy and healthy to park that car and walk where you need to go.
  • Reducing stress New Market has a population of less than 700 people. As a result, you won’t be bothered by heavy traffic and noise, which can go a long way towards reducing your stress levels.
  • Get a better job – New Market Maryland is less than 10 minutes from Frederick, 45 minutes away from Baltimore, and only 45 minutes from our Nation’s Capital, all of which provide plenty of opportunities for employment.
  • Eat healthier  Frederick County, Maryland hosts a number of farmer’s markets where you can purchase locally grown produce such as eggs, meat and baked goods. Often, eating local means fewer pesticides and chemicals than store-bought produce, making it healthier for you.
  • Spend more time with family  The fact that there are fewer distractions here in New Market means that you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your family than if you lived in a bigger city.

These are just a few of the ways a move to New Market, Maryland could make 2014 your best year ever. To see some of the houses that are for sale, contact us.

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