Energy Efficiency

104295008Did you know that inadequate home insulation and improper installation of home insulation are two of the most common causes of energy waste in homes? Did you also know that on average, less than 50% of your home’s energy actually goes toward heating or cooling the home? With all of the knowledge and technology available today, energy efficient homes should be the rule, not the exception. At Oak Hill Properties, we build these kinds of energy efficient homes, every day.

An Oak Hill home includes features such as low “e” windows, reflective roofing materials, advanced construction techniques reducing air infiltration, reinforced caulking and flashing around windows, and Energy Star grade appliances. Our team goes to great extents to inspect the home during framing and insulation. Upon completion, we bring in the professional expertise of area energy specialists who actually issue each house an energy “grade.”  Regarding energy efficiency, this grade gives homeowners a feel for where their home sits compared to the average home. Oak Hill Homes on average are around 25% more energy efficient than the average home.

All homes in the Royal Oaks community come standard with:

  •     R19 Wall Insulation*

  •     R38 Attic/Roof Insulation*

(*These features are optional upgrades in our Lakepoint Village homes in The Villages at Round Hill)

So what does this mean? The homebuilding/construction industry uses different types of insulation depending on the climate the structure is built in. The R-Value that you see above is a measure of thermal resistance, and the rule of thumb is that the higher the R-value of your home’s insulation, the greater its energy efficiency. It means improvements such as these will keep your monthly heating and cooling costs down for the life of your Oak Hill home. So expect to stay cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months–for less money.

Oak Hill also uses Energy Star Quality appliances in all of our new homes. There are two price tags associated with any new appliance. The first is the cost to buy the appliance, and the second is the cost to run that appliance for every year of its life. On average, Energy Star products can help a family save approximately 33% on their energy bill compared to the average monthly energy costs for a single-family home.

Oak Hill Properties is one of the most energy-efficient builders in the D.C. metro area, and when you purchase an Oak Hill home, not only will you receive a brand-new home for you and your family, but for many years to come this home will give you returns you simply cannot expect in older homes.

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