Winter Home Efficiency Tips for your New Home


Average temperatures in New Market, Maryland can be in the 20′s at night and in the 40′s during the daytime. As such, it’s important to use some of these winter home efficiency tips in order to conserve energy while still remaining warm and toasty.

You should set your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees during the day, and between 65 to 67 degrees at night. Each degree that you lower your thermostat can lead to a savings of around two percent off of your heating bill. To stay warm, wear extra layers of clothing, wrap yourself in blankets, and get a good indoor fire going.

We suggest that you keep all blinds on the south side of your home open during the daytime to allow as much sunlight in as possible. Doing this could raise temperatures inside these rooms as much as two degrees.

After baking, leave the oven door ajar in order to let the heat from inside it escape. Keep cabinet and pantry doors shut when they are not being used so as not to heat the inside of them. Avoid holding the refrigerator or freezer door open any longer than necessary.

A wood-burning fireplace can actually allow a great deal of warmth to escape from your home. To ensure it is as efficient as possible, consider adding a fireback to it. A fireback is simply a piece of cast iron that sits in the back of your fireplace and reflects heat back into your room. You should also keep your damper tightly closed when not in use, and consider adding a fireplace insert in order to maximize efficiency.

Always keep registers and baseboard heating vents clear of objects, and vacuum registers on a regular basis to remove dirt and debris.

These are but a few ways you can maximize your energy efficiency this winter. Fortunately, the homes at Royal Oaks of New Market have been built with energy efficiency in mind, so you won’t have to worry about making upgrades later. To see one of our model homes, contact us.

Stay warm in the meantime!

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